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Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

The best way to avoid litigation is through intelligently written and negotiated contracts after strong due diligence. However, disputes do arise and when that happens, it’s critical to have an experienced commercial litigation attorney to protect your business interests.

Vince’s commercial litigation encompasses many of the issues businesses confront. And, regardless of the cause of the dispute, Vince is committed to solving his client’s legal concerns and providing counsel that is both effective and efficient. Vince will always work toward fast and favorable resolution through negotiation, but when called for, Vince is able to pursue resolution in court, and the appellate process.

Vince’s commercial litigation services include representation for businesses named as both plaintiffs and defendants in disputed matters involving in a broad range of cases, such as:
– Intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets
– Licensing and distribution agreements
– Commercial claims for legal malpractice and professional liability
– Commercial insurance property claims and policy coverage
– Directors and officers liability
– Within our commercial and insurance litigation focus, our attorneys offer extensive experience in dispute resolution and litigation involving:
– Class action: Experienced management and litigation of class actions
– Employment: Representation in negotiations and litigation concerning all areas of federal and state employment law
– Real estate: Protection of your interests in transactions and litigation involving commercial and residential real estate matters
– Commercial and Insurance Litigation Appeals

If you have questions about your commercial litigation needs, feel free to call 504-482-5292 or Email us. The initial consultation is free of charge.