Appellate Law

Throughout his more than 30 years of practicing law, Vince has had extensive experience with appellate law. As appeals frequently focus on procedural issues or more esoteric facets of the law, so having a lawyer who’s versed in Louisiana appellate can be critical.

Vince understands the vast difference between preparing a case for trial versus preparing an appeal and has successful experience with the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and Louisiana Supreme Court.

As appeals often involve an in-depth analysis of the law and are largely related to analyzing the correct applications of state and federal law, effectively identifying motions to appeal, and skillfully drafting legal briefs that concisely and clearly explain the client’s legal argument.

Vince provides clients with an uncommon combination of skilled trial services backed by and extensive experience and success handling state and federal appeals. He’s committed to working with his clients to help them achieve their legal objective, whether that involves litigation, trial, or appeals.

If you require assistance with an appeal, contact Vince at 504-482-5292, or e-mail us.

Some Successful Appeals

Here are a few cases in which Vince was successful on appeal. (Links go to PDFs of the opinion of the Court, which will open in a new tab in your browser.)

Biever Realty-Benjamin, L.L.C. v. Royal Alice Props., L.L.C., 200 So.3d 968 (La. App., 2016)

Cent. St. Matthew United Church of Christ v. Atkins (La. App., 2019)

Freeport-McMoran Energy, LLC v. Cedyco Corp, 54 So.3d 813 (La. App., 2011)

Jaligam v. Pochampally, 162 So.3d 464 (La. App., 2015)

L&W Enters. v. Yor-Wic Constr. Co. (La. App., 2019)

McNamara v. Greater New Orleans Biosciences Econ. Dev. Dist., 187 So.3d 59 (La. App., 2016)

New Orleans Bulldog Soc’y v. La. Soc’y for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 222 So.3d 679 (La., 2017)

Nola Bourbon, LLC v. Rodriguez-Franco, 243 So.3d 693 (La. App., 2018)

Regions Bank v. Weber, 53 So.3d 1284 (La. App., 2010)